The Hillingdon Music Festival… We would like to thank you!

Artaud Building Hillingdon Music Festival

The festival would not be without the help, good will, and talent of you all. We thank you.

Artaud Staff: 

Graeme Shaw, Phil Maguire, Andrew Smith, Bill Forbes, Nikki

Artists/performers + lecturers etc.:

Colin Riley + In Place (Melanie Pappenheim, Kate Halsall, Stephen Hiscock) Thomas Köner, Nadia Ratsimandresey, Baptise Chatel, John Croft, Kate Lewis, Emily Baines, Martin Pyne, Christopher Fox, Phil Coy, Peter Eustance

Student Performers (at various events):

James L Malone, Jaffro (Wil Pritchard), José Azul, Kemi Oyeleye, Millie Thorpe, Flöat (Heather Blore), Charlie Manister, Karina Ekhardt, Emilija Karaliūtė, Max Randall, Shawn George

Tech + Set-up:

Benjamin Williams, Jake Pointer, Bryan Tsao, Billy Palmer, Wil Pritchard, Savannah Roberts, James Larbow, Elias Dani

Student volunteers:

Alice McCleary, Tom Hunt, Chloe Potamiti, Ibti de Haan, Lauren Cook, Rebekah Valera, Humnah Abdullah, 


Tony at Sounds of the Suburbs 

Daniel Stocker at Harris + Hoole and all the staff there

Uxbridge Library

All of the fantastic Graphic Score entries!

Alistair Zaldua, Benjamin Williams, Blasio Kavuma, Charlie Cordoba, Elise Price, Jack Bromley, Patricia Borba, Thomas Rybacki, Tom Crocker, Wil Pritchard, Wiliam Palmer, Yuko Ohara